Baby Born With Partially Formed Skull

The parents of a two-month-old girl who was born without significant parts of her brain and skull have just sent out a plea for the money needed for the life-saving surgery she needs.

‘We are facing hardship and struggling to raise her to survive on the planet. Our only hope is that doctors may be able to help, or a foreign doctor may help.’

Ah Neath’s poverty-stricken family are desperate for their daughter to survive, but they are running out of time, and her life is hanging in the balance.

Her parents, Heang and Srey, have gone so far as to even sell their own home in an effort to raise the funds needed to cover her medical care. This has been to no avail, though, as the doctors in Cambodia have been unable to successfully treat the condition.

It is believed that the misshapen skull has been caused by a condition known as anencephaly, or ‘open skull’. This condition occurs in 1 of 5,000 babies born each year, when a foetus does not form fully while growing in the womb, and these babies are also robbed of a part of their brains. There is no cure for anencephaly and, according to officials at the US Centers for Disease Control, babies often die shortly after birth.

Ah was born in Tbong Khmum Province, Cambodia, this February. The province is 103 miles northeast of the capital, Phnom Penh.

Despite the  missing skull and resulting deformed and swollen head, all of her limbs work fine. She was in hospital and receiving oxygen, but she is now discharged and home with her family.