best natural deodorants
best natural deodorants

4 Best Natural Deodorants

Good things do come in small packages, but in the beauty industry, more often than not, the opposite is true. There is a disconnect between health and using hygiene and beauty products, as people don’t think these can affect their health. However, these everyday products, like our deodorant, affect our health more than we know. After exposing the dangers of typical store bought deodorants, we received a lot of demand to know what deodorants are actually safe for your body.

Why Do We Stink?

Sweating is a natural process used by our body to regulate our temperature and cool us down when we are exercising or running for our lives. Sweat is not what makes you smell. Natural bacteria produced by your body does. Sweat feeds this natural bacteria, and the by-product is what we call body odor. Depending on your diet and your body’s composition you can have more or less BO than others.

Why Are Natural Deodorants Different?

A natural deodorant shouldn’t have these seven harmful ingredients and most importantly, it should be natural. Real deodorant doesn’t mask the smell, block your pores but rather attacks the problem at the source. Natural deodorants utilize natural antibacterial properties of things like baking soda and allow you to sweat without BO. You should give yourself some time (about two weeks) after using your previous deodorant for the toxins to clear out from your skin and for the natural deodorant to start working. You may also need to reapply the deodorant twice a day but it’s certainly worth it.


1. Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant

This deodorant is made from just six ingredients that anyone can understand (seven if you buy the scented version). It utilizes baking soda and coconut oil for their anti-bacterial properties, which should keep your armpits smelling fresh all day. They offer a lavender and scent-free versions. This is an Amazon favorite with 1,700 reviews and 4.5 stars. We love the fact that Green Tidings uses BPA-Free plastic and that it’s vegan (no animal, insects, fish or by-products used).

✓ Paraben-Free ✓Aluminum-Free ✓BPA-Free Plastic ✓Vegan

Price: $$$ (check price)

You can buy it here.

Real Purity Deodorant Review

2. Real Purity Deodorant 

Real Purity does contain more deodorants than Green Tidings, but the ingredients are natural. Actually, most of the ingredients that they use are organic as well. It’s free of the seven dangerous ingredients and contains natural oils for scent. However, those who tend to be allergic to some oils and extracts may want to try out something with fewer ingredients at first. Still a fantastic option and it’s cheaper than the first option.

✓ Paraben-Free ✓Aluminum-Free

Price: $$ (check price)

You can buy it here.

trulys natural deodorant review

3. Truly’s Deodorant for Kids

Whenever we see a product with a short ingredients list, we get excited. We know that the company has put only the true essentials in the product. Truly’s is made from beeswax, baking soda, powdered sugar and coconut oil. However, simple ingredients don’t mean that it is not as effective. People seem to love this deodorant and it is currently rated 4.6 stars. They stand behind their product and offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. But if it’s good enough for kids, who are running around all day, it must be good enough for less active adults as well. This is not your typical roll-on deodorant, you have to use your finger and apply it to your armpits.

✓ Paraben-Free ✓Aluminum-Free

Price: $ (check price)

You can buy it here.

fields of heather deodorant

4. Organic Fields of Heather

If you are looking for something a bit more delicious smelling, check out this deodorant. It combines some fantastic organic ingredients to not only prevent BO but to heal your damaged skin as well. Just as with the Real Purity deodorant, if you have a sensitivity to natural oils, you may want to try out something with fewer ingredients, so you can figure out what the cause of the irritation is. However, this deodorant states that it’s perfect even for sensitive skin. At the current cost of $2.99 + shipping, it’s worth a try.

✓ Paraben-Free ✓Aluminum-Free

Price: $ (check price)

You can buy it here.

What’s your favorite natural deodorant? Tell us in the comments below.