A Blast From America’s Black-and-White Past, Now In Full Color

According to the Smithsonian, the only way to have colored photos in the past was to add paint to monochrome images by hand.  Then, the Lumiere brothers dyed potato starch and combined a green, orange, and violet photos of one image. Finally, 1907 saw its first commercially viable colored photo. Fast-forward to a more technologically-advanced world. With so many apps out there, we do not need to stain potato starch anymore. We can now turn photos from black-and-white to colored in a snap. Here are some stunning photos in B/W and even more now in full brilliant color!

The Hindenburg Disaster 

British soldiers happy to be home 

1904 at Brooklyn Bridge 

The 26-year old Charlie Chaplin

Charlie with Helen Keller

Sir Winston Churchill in 1941

The father of evolution Charles Darwin

At the beach with the greatest mind in 1939

A much younger Einstein

A dashing Jimmy Stewart

The beloved Kennedy brothers in 1963

Joan Crawford and the elevator

President Lincoln, Major Pinkteron and General McClernand – Maryland 1862

Lou Gehrig on the day of his farewell speech

Louis Armstrong playing for his wife

Madison Square Park 1900

Mark Twain

The lovely Ms. Monroe, B/W or colored

A 1939 country store in North Carolina

The infamous Harvey Lee Oswald

Master of the Cubist movement Pablo Picasso 

A Red Hawk Indian in the Bedlands 1905

One of America’s beloved baseball heroes, Babe Ruth

From behind the scenes of her 1956 movie Giant

Lieutenant George Custer from the 2nd U.S. Cavalry in 1862

Master poet Walt Whitman

Two American soldiers at the Battle of Remagen in 1945

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