7 chakras how to heal them
7 chakras how to heal them

Chakra Cleansing: 7 Steps to Heal, Balance & Re-Energize

The Seven Chakras

The chakras are energy wheels that reside a couple of inches outside our bodies and spin clockwise, their spin creating a unique vibration, which we can perceive as a color of the rainbow. They gather and channel the life energy, called prana or kundalini energy. This is the essence of life as, without prana, a body is just a package of bones and flesh. As we grow older, our personal experiences clog the chakras and slow them down or disturb their spinning, causing a blockage and making the colors duller. We have seven chakras on the surface of our bodies, each one related to a certain part of our body and bodily processes. When one chakra is blocked, the prana cannot travel freely, so you begin to experience ailments and pains.

Root Chakra – 1st chakra

The first chakra is the Root chakra, which is found at the base of your spine. Blocks in this chakra alter the basic (root) needs, such as money, shelter, and food. Being connected to the lower part of the body, an imbalance in this chakra can lead to constipation and bladder problems, as well as other waste-removal issues. Ailments that focus on male reproductive organs, feet and tailbone pains are quite common in people who suffer from a root chakra blockage. Immune systems disorders, anxiety and depression are other symptoms of an imbalance in this chakra.

Sacral Chakra – 2nd chakra

Located two inches below your navel, the second chakra is related to sexual problems, urinary issues, kidney dysfunctions, as well as pelvic and low back pains. On an emotional level, this chakra is linked to relationships and commitment, so an imbalance can lead to an inability to express your emotions as well as addictions and fear of your sexuality. It is also the chakra that controls the creativity, in all its forms and shapes, from the conceiving process to cooking and gardening.

Solar Plexus Chakra – 3rd chakra

Located on your solar plexus, which is three inches above your navel, this chakra controls the functioning related to your digestive system. Liver malfunctions, stomach ulcers, pancreas and gallbladder problems, colon diseases, chronic fatigue, diabetes and high blood pressure are all signs of your 3rd chakra dysfunctions. As this chakra controls the self-esteem, its imbalance leads to lack of self-compassion, fears of rejection and criticism.

Heart Chakra – 4th chakra

Located at the heart, imbalances of this chakra can lead to respiratory problems, heart disease, breast diseases, arms and back problems and lymphatic system issues. On an emotional level this chakra deals with jealousy, fear of loneliness, anger, and bitterness.

Throat Chakra – 5th chakra

Located in the throat, this chakra controls the throat and the face. So when its spinning process is impaired, you experience a sore throat, laryngitis, ear infections, face-level problems and neck pains. Emotional imbalances are linked to communication, fear of lack of choice and being out of control. When you are afraid to speak up your mind, this chakra functions at a rate lower than the normal.

Third Eye Chakra – 6th chakra

As the name implies, this chakra is located between the brows, in the center of the forehead. It controls the head, so when its balance is affected, you experience eye strain, seizures, headaches and hormone imbalance. On an emotional level, you may deal with the inability to deal with your fears and learn from others. Also, you can have problems making the difference between imagination and reality.

Crown Chakra – 7th chakra

Located on top of your head, like a crown, this last chakra controls your ability to learn and relate to the environment. Imbalances in it lead to depression, issues of self-knowledge and fear of alienation. Mental illnesses are also caused due to this chakra, so memory loss, dementia, and depression are symptoms of malfunction in this area. Loss of faith in divinity is also a sign of dysfunctional crown chakra, because this is the center of divinity and your connection with the God.

Step by Step Chakra Cleansing

You must cleanse your chakras to unblock them and to restore their normal functioning. If you go on with one or more blocked chakras, you will experience more and more ailments and pains, which can eventually impair your everyday routine.
One of the ways to clean your chakras is to simply open, use the Earth energy to clean them, and then close them partially. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually very simple to do it yourself.

Start with grounding meditation – Grounding yourself will put you in contact with the primal Earth energy, which you can use to clean your chakras. This step also helps you to have a solid ground for the cleaning process. To ground yourself, just take deep breaths and then visualize all your worries slipping away. This will clean your mind and fill it with positive thoughts. Imagine how you develop “roots” by connecting to the Earth energy.

Open your chakras – Once you have completed the grounding process, you can open your chakras, one by one, starting with the first one. Imagine a rosebud opening up in full bloom. Take your time and visualize the complete process of blooming, assigning a particular color for each chakra. The process of opening all your chakras should take about 6 minutes.

Run the Earth energy through each chakra – now that you have opened your chakras, use the grounding meditation to run the energy through each chakra. Visualize the process: how gallons and gallons of clean energy run through each of your seven chakras, leaving them nice and clean.

Turn down the energy level and close your chakras – the last step is to close the chakras and leave only one small gap for the energy to flow. Otherwise, you might become a target for energy vampires. First, you need to reduce the energy flow by visualizing how the energy streams leave your body and your chakras, one by one. This process will take as much time as you want it to take – there is no time limit, so you are done when you feel you are done. Use the same visualizing technique to close your chakras partially, until you feel comfortable.