Coco Is Too Kind – Cocokind Review

Just as our lungs need air to breathe, as does our face. Regardless of my inability to gently and effectively cover my face in a colorful pallet, I always feel this is yet another blessing in disguise. Skin is fascinating to me. Yes, eating a diet consisting mostly organic fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy is most beneficial to a healthy physical and mental health, but why do we neglect our largest organ and first line of defense: our skin?

According to “Homemade Beauty” by Annie Strole, it has been discovered that many of the hair and body-care products we use on a daily basis, are jam-packed with parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances and water based cleansers and creams. These ingredients are now being found to cause anti-inflammatory skin reactions, as well as some serious diseases, illnesses, and the biggest unresolved issue: hormonal imbalances.

As a quarter life century homo sapien, I am curious about everything. I also think I know a lot more than I’ve already experienced. “You other mid-twenty advocates rejoice!” Growing up, I have popped, picked and probed at all of my  inflamed white heads, hide and seek black heads, and our biggest nemesis: cysts. I never understood why after all of the so-called “acne buster” products never did a dang thing to my skin. I loathed, envied, and cried over other’s porcelain physiques. I tried everything under the sun, until finally resorting to Accutane. Yes, this harsh and organ tampering product was sure to clear up my skin, as it actually puts a halt to oil production, leaving you with dry skin, eczema patches and fatigued muscles. But hey, I was happy, I finally had clear skin, and also a lot of leftover scaring.

I was in college, my skin was still taking a toll on track practice produced sweat; trapped beneath Clinique. I felt hopeless and alone. Skin should be beautiful, no one should have to suffer with these issues. This was when I so fortunately came across an Instagram post by a gangster yogi I religiously followed–cough, cough–I mean stalked. She shared stories of her own personal skin issues, and then provided the only “100% natural” skin treatment that changed her life. It was scary to think I’d be putting oil onto my already oily glossed face, but I was willing to try; I was willing to try anything.

IMG_3872_20_2_.0This miracle system called “Cocokind” saved my irrational and continuous frustrations with my skin, and I know it will continue to throughout my life. I am a sufferer of sensitive skin, as many of us are. This cleansing system is centered around organic virgin coconut oil. Their products are made solely of the most pure ingredients, and are guaranteed to provide long-lasting moisture, glowing skin, and completely free of chemicals. My skin transformed after the first week. I had a revelation. All these years, my mind and media were tricking me into thinking that harsh chemicals were the only way to bash those pesky zits–wrong. My acne scars have diminished, my skin glistens with moisture, even during the harsh winter months, and I’m “pimple free livin.” Don’t get me wrong, I still get the occasional zit, there’s no stopping that, but they are never there for long, because they simply are defeated from this amazing all-natural system.

There are many—and more along the way—all-natural skin cleansing systems now on the market. Hallelujah, they are being educated. I suggest making this change to something that could transform the rest of your life, give you more confidence, and truly begin to ‘love the skin you’re in’. “All hail the coconut!”