What Is Composting
What Is Composting

Compost – How it works

What Is Composting

What is Compost and How Does it Work?

All organic gardens need a compost heap. A compost is a special area where the gardener puts any vegetable wastes, grass cuttings and dead flowers. The pile of waste gradually rots and then is later dug into the soil to enrich it with food and structure.

For a compost to work properly you also need air, nitrogen, lime, water, heat and bacteria. The bacteria use nitrogen as a fuel and if there is a good mixture of the different ingredients they will be able to turn everything into compost. Another natural cycle. The plants grow from the soil and, eventually, those we have not eaten (like grass and cuttings) decompose in the compost heap and are eventually dug back into the soil.

Great Reasons to Compost

  1. Instead of harmful fertilizers, finished compost can be used for landscaping.
  2. Most of the trash that goes into landfills never decomposes and further pollutes our earth. Compost returns valuable nutrients to the soil and helps clean the soil.
  3. Compost can help save money, by eliminating the need for expensive fertilizers and reducing trash costs.