diy easy best christmas decorations e1481140802285
diy easy best christmas decorations e1481140802285

20 Easy & Beautiful DIY Last-Minute Christmas Decorations

If you’re anything like me, you always promise yourself that next year you will put in a little more effort with decorations. After all, who doesn’t want their home sparkling with Christmas spirit? But as every year, Christmas rolls around and so does the hectic nature that comes with the holidays. After a storm of chores, decoration is the last thing on your mind. But this year will be different. We’ve prepared 20 incredibly easy DIY decorations that you can razzle and dazzle your guests with.

1. DIY Advent Calendar


It’s not too late to get your first advent calendar started! Just need some strings, paper bags, clips and some optional decorations. You and your family each drop some small goodies for each other into the bags and then seal them closed. You’ll have each day to look forward to opening one of these goodie bags.

2. DIY Popsickle Stick Snowflakes

An easy way to add some pizzazz to your walls is to craft your own snowflakes. All you need is glue, popsickle sticks, spray paint (optional) and a little patience!

Check it out here

3. DIY Christmas Eve Snowman Ornaments


Christmas tree ornaments can be expensive, and frankly, they can be boring. Add a little YOU to the Christmas tree with these adorable DIY snowman lightbulb ornaments.

Check it out here

4. Celestial Spikes


Easily make an eye catching Christmas and New Year decoration with just Styrofoam balls, glitter, and spray painted toothpicks.

5. Luxurious DIY Silver Light Fixtures



Add a touch of luxury to your Christmas party. Paint an elegant pattern, when the bulb shines, it will create a beautiful pattern on your walls. Just make sure to use appropriate glass paint, otherwise it will evaporate.

6. Your Own Snow globe, With You or Your Child Inside!


Everyone loves a good snow globe. But how would you like it if the snow globe featured you as the star?

Check out the tutorial here.

7. Stunning DIY Backdrop

diy-backdrop-party nye-new-years-christmas-diy-backdrop

A beautiful backdrop can create a great ambiance. Cut up and hang paper streamers for the easiest Christmas / New Year’s decoration yet!

8. Sweater Cozies For Your Candles


Keep your candles warm, with this super easy decoration. All you need is a sweatshirt that you don’t need, scissors and a bit of string.

9. Paper Mache Igloo


Surprise your kids on Christmas with a little paper mache igloo. Very easy to make and it will leave your kids speechless!

Here’s how to make it

10. DIY Harry Potter Christmas Mirror


All you need is some Christmas lights to put around your mirror in order to create a Harry Potter-esque magical vibe in your home.

11. DIY Holiday Frame


Very little work is required to build this incredibly elegant holiday frame. If you have an old frame laying around, put it to work!

12. Paper Christmas Table Decor


Add a bit of character to your table with these simple decorations. Just fold, glue and repeat!

13. Beer Bottle DIY Christmas Lights


Don’t throw away those empty beer bottles just yet. Remove the labels and stuff some lights in there for an incredible affect. For extra elegance, drill holes through the bottom instead.

14. Christmas Ornament from Soda Can Tabs!


All you need is an ornament top, some soda can tabs, glue and a whole lot of patience. But it will pay off with these incredible and one of a kind ornaments! Got the hang of it? Good, now make a chandelier / light fixture!


15. DIY Tin Can Christmas Lanterns


In  7 steps make incredibly gorgeous Christmas lanterns for the Christmas party. Nobody has ever seen light fixtures like this.

Here’s how to do it

16. DIY Christmas Reindeer


If you have some chopped wood, a few branches and some glue, build your own reindeer!

17. Christmas Wreath Made from Cork


Now you can pretend you’ve been saving these wine corks for a reason.

Directions here.

18. A Corky Christmas Treediy-cork-christmas-tree

And if by some Christmas miracle you have more cork left over, stand out from all your friends with this beautiful Christmas tree made from cork.

Read how to make one.

19. Jingle Bell Lights


Okay, we’d be lying if we said this DIY is easy. But just look at it, wouldn’t it look incredible in your home? Tis the season to make yourself something you can keep past Christmas! We had to scour the web for a while to find a good tutorial for this one.

Here’s the instructions.

20. Romantic DIY Christmas Bottles


Want to surprise your loved one this Christmas? Decorate a regular bottle of wine with some glitter, and it’s sure to put a sparkle in them for the holidays. Suddenly, a cheap bottle of wine turns into a luxurious and romantic experience.

Here’s how to make a similar one.