Meditation for kids can make them more focused, less anxious, and happier.
Meditation for kids can make them more focused, less anxious, and happier.

Healthy Routines for the Whole Family

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Every single parent out there will agree: health starts at home. When you create a health-focused atmosphere in your own home, you begin to teach your kids how to introduce self-care into their daily lives, and make smarter decisions every day. You, as their parent and their role model can be the perfect example of how well you treat yourself and how you spend your time – this will help them create lifelong healthy habits that they’ll pass on to their children and perhaps even inspire their peers along the way. 

What you do and how you empower your little ones matters deeply, so let’s go over a few routines you can add to your lifestyle, some of which have been practiced in different regions of the world. They can help you bond with your youngsters, improve the quality of your life, and give your kids the healthy foundation they need for proper self-care.

Turn your meals into tiny rituals

family cooking together
family cooking together

Have you heard of the famous Spanish siesta? If you’ve ever wandered the streets of Alicante at three in the afternoon, you have most likely noticed the peace and quiet that spreads at this time. In the hours spanning roughly between two and five, the Spanish people tend to enjoy their lunch with their families, close down their stores for an afternoon break, and then take a quick nap. Your key takeaway, no matter where you might live, could be the beauty of transforming meals into beautiful, family rituals.

These are the perfect moments to savor food as well as bond with your family. You can take the time to prepare the meal together or at least consume it at the table as a family. Your kids will pick up healthy eating habits from you. They’ll learn to appreciate different flavors, and turn an everyday activity such as lunch into a meditative, and bonding experience. Plus, taking a nap afterwards has been linked to better health!

Add some hygge into your life

There are other ways to introduce warmth and health into your existence, and especially during those long winter evenings. Look at how the Danes do it, since they’ve invented the notion of hygge, or that sublime feeling of coziness and warmth you can create with a few smart choices. For example, you can add a book-reading ritual once a week for the whole family. 


Prepare warm cups of cocoa or tea for all of your family members, make some healthy snacks and nutritious yet sweet bites, and all of you can enjoy while you expand your imagination. Reading is one of the healthiest ways to help yourself and your kids learn about the world, enrich your vocabulary, and improve your memory. Turning it into the art of hygge is just one more way to enjoy this healthy habit. 

Enable creative development for your kids

Although family time and family rituals truly matter, and the more you create them the better your kids will grow, you should also make sure that you as well as your little ones have your me-time filled with quality activities. For example, in tech-driven societies such as Asia where parents are devoted to their careers as much as they are to their family lives, making friends and developing different skills for kids can be a single activity.

children creativity
finger painting

For example, parents look for the best playgroup in Hong Kong to stimulate their kids’ development in the most creative ways possible, and surround them with their peers to help them establish bonds early on as they grow up. Hong Kong parents recognize the importance of such activities. Those in Singapore and Japan aren’t far behind. So follow their lead and make sure that no matter how young your little ones may be and fill their time with meaningful stimulation.

Bring Zen into your life

Most of us lead hectic, busy lives, filled with all kinds of challenges and activities, some of which cause us terrible amounts of stress. While teaching your kids to honor agreements and fulfill their responsibilities is important, it’s equally relevant to help them stay calm when they face those stressful moments and to find ways to enjoy the present.

Meditation for kids can make them more focused, less anxious, and happier.
Meditation for kids can make them more focused, less anxious, and happier.

What better way than to show them how to meditate on a regular basis, streamline their thoughts, live through their emotions, and process anything that’s going on in their minds? This practice comes from different ancient Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions. It is still recognized as one of the best ways to de-stress, increase confidence, and inspire gratitude, among many other perks. 

Embrace the great outdoors 

family outdoors time
Bond with your kids and let them fall in love with nature by spending more time outdoors.

Being more active can mean different things to different people, but if you’re not inspired by the gym or your yoga class, you can actually embrace a more Swiss-like or even Aussie-like mindset and get active outdoors. These two countries are known for their overwhelming love and appreciation for Mother Nature.

From hiking, skiing, snowboarding, all the way to coastal activities such as swimming, surfing, and kayaking, the great outdoors provides so many activities for your family. Not only will you add more exercise to your life, but you’ll also spend time surrounded by greenery. You’ll have the chance to once again bond with your youngsters.

When life gets busy or you feel that there’s no time to do what you love, some of these routines can help you preserve your health, decrease your stress levels, and enjoy the love you share with your family. Such simple steps can make a great difference in the lives of your kids, too, especially if you empower them as early as possible and teach them to become wholesome, grateful people.