How to Heat Your Room for 8 Cents a Day

The following video shows a super innovative and cost-efficient way to heat your room or home office.  Just how cheap? How about 8 cents a day cheap! If you can find candles cheaper, you’ll save even more money. So here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Small candles (tealights) – available at IKEA $3.99 / 100 candles
  • A metal cake pan
  • One Small Size Clay Plant Pot
  • One Medium Size Clay Plant Pot
  • Matches or Lighter

Through a process called convection, where warm heat rises, you are able to heat your entire room with this little device. Not only it’s cheap, but it’s environment friendly and efficient. You can re-use old clay pots that you would throw away otherwise. The leftover aluminum candle containers can be recycled.

For anyone that’s handy with tools, here’s a more advanced version.