why do we put salt desserts
why do we put salt desserts

Here’s Why We Put Salt in Our Desserts

Ever wonder why your favorite gluten-free muffin recipe calls for a pinch of salt? Even almost every brownie recipe contains salt. Wouldn’t dessert lovers want the most sweetness out of their desserts? Some chefs claim that it in fact offsets some of the sweetness and makes it more palatable. However, a new study shows that the opposite may be true.

Sweet Conclusion

What a group of researchers found was that your taste buds may contain intestinal cells. A pinch of salt triggers sensors and makes your dessert taste even sweeter. Here’s an excerpt of the study:

An intestinal glucose sensor also found to be located in the sweet-sensitive taste cells may provide an explanation for another mystery of sweet taste: why just a pinch of table salt tastes sweet or salt added to baked goods enhances sweet taste. Known as SGLT1, this sensor is a transporter that moves glucose into the sweet taste cell when sodium is present, thus triggering the cell to register sweetness.

why-we-put-salt-in-dessertsYou can check out the full study here. But basically, using salt in your dessert will make it taste sweeter without the need of adding extra sugar. So these chefs of delicious pastries aren’t so crazy after all.

Types of Salts and How to Use Them

Whatever dessert or meal you are cooking up, use any of these salts to sweeten the deal. Just don’t use table salt, as its heavily processed provides almost no benefits.

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