Here’s How Your Personality Traits May Affect Your Mental Health

Depending on what your personality is, you may be prone to certain mental health conditions. 

Recent studies have shown that depending on which personality type you are,  it can have different effects on your mental health. Of course, it makes sense because the choices you make every day, rely heavily on your personality. Your genetics and environment have shaped your personality over the years. Knowing your weaknesses can be your greatest strength.

Keep in mind that when it comes to personalities, most people are on a continuum rather than on the extreme of any personality scale. You may be split between a few, and that’s normal. Also, no studies have conclusively shown a specific link between any personality or depression. Currently, science indicates only links between certain personalities and mood disorders.  It’s also important to note that a lot of other things can affect these mental health conditions as well.

Personality Types and Mental Disorders | Organics

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Can you relate to one or more of these personalities and experience any of the mental health conditions listed in the infographic? Share your story.