How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars Naturally

If you are one of the millions who suffer from acne, you not only have to deal with the acne itself but also the scars that remain from it. Somehow scars are overlooked by the skincare industry and there aren’t a lot of great choices on the market when it comes to healing your face and body. Fortunately, there are brilliant home remedies to fill this gap. These ingredients will not only work for acne scars but pretty much for any scars including stretch marks. Remember to buy these products organic or as raw/pure as possible.

Coconut-Oil-Heals-SkinCoconut Oil

Works similarly to antioxidants which reverse the damage of free radicals.  They can also maintain and prevent future damage.

How to use: Take some raw coconut oil and apply to the scar area gently. Do this daily. Try to buy organic coconut oil that is stored in a glass jar, like here, you can use the remainder for cooking as well.


Carrot Juice

Filled with Vitamin C with is used to cleanse and beautify your skin.

How to use: Blend carrots, or use raw organic carrot juice and mix 1 teaspoon of salt along with it. Use this paste to massage into the scar using the circular motion. Let it dry and then rinse off with warm water.


Sea Salt Baths

Has a ton of benefits for your body, and one of them is being able to absorb toxins from your skin and act as a natural antiseptic.

How to use: Fill up your bath with warm water, and add a mixture of sea salt. Lay in it for 30-45 minutes, one to two times a week.


Aloe Vera

A miracle worker when it comes to healing your skin. It is able to regenerate tissue, soothe and moisturize your skin, as well as fight inflammation.

How to use: Take a leaf from the aloe vera plant, slice it length wise to get the clear gel inside and apply this to your affected area.  You can buy organic aloe vera here.


Vitamin E

Works hand in hand with vitamin C to help reconstruct collagen and protect your skin from free radicals and keeps your skin moist. It can prevent future scarring.

How to use: Take a vitamin E capsule and separate it so you can use the oil inside to apply directly to your scars. Make sure it’s used on scars that have fully healed as otherwise, it may interfere with the healing.


Bentonite Clay

Removes toxins from your pores, allows skin to heal and reduces inflammation.

How to use: Make a paste of bentonite clay by mixing it with water and apply to your skin. Allow it to dry and then wash it off with warm water.  You can buy some bentonite clay on Amazon.


Hazelnut Oil

It is a hidden gem that nourishes and hydrates skin, aids in cell regeneration and reduces redness as well.

How to use: Simply apply over scar area daily. Organic hazelnut oil is available here.

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