Ísafjörður – Icelandic Town Painted a 3D Zebra Crosswalk to Slow Down Speeders

Crosswalks are very important because they keep both driver and pedestrian safe. Sometimes, though, drivers fail to slow down when approaching a pedestrian crossing and accidents happen. While crosswalks remain as a significant part of the road, the white stripes can really do little to catch a driver’s attention.

To change this, Iceland’s Ralf Trylla has decided to put 3D zebra stripes in a town in northern Iceland. The country’s environmental commissioner was inspired by a similar project in India which has proved to be quite successful. Trylla sought the services of street painting company Vegmálun GÍH to make an interesting – and fun! – pedestrian crossing in the town of Ísafjörður.

What do you think? Would these stripes make you slow down?Related image

Gauti Ívar Halldórsson, CEO of Vegamálun, says a crosswalk like this makes it seem like something is blocking the road. Now, you wouldn’t want your car to hit this speed bump, would you?

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Image result for iceland 3d crossing

Pedestrians, on the other hand, find the optical illusion useful and amusing. 

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Image result for iceland 3d crossing

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