coca cola sugar president 810x4561
coca cola sugar president 810x4561

Live TV Host Shows Coca-Cola President How Much Sugar Is In Their Drink

Processed sugar is beginning of many health issues for our bodies. It contributes a wide variety of diseases including diabetes and even cancer. To avoid sugar, is a difficult choice for kids and adults alike to make as nearly every processed food contains processed sugar and big corporations spend billions of dollars annually on advertising and promoting their products. But that’s not even the worst part. Sugar is so addictive that when rats were given the choice between sugar water or cocaine, 94% of the rats chose sugar. Either they are health conscious or sugar is extremely addicting. However, this is only a benefit to corporations like Coca-Cola, who profit billions from their addicting and sugary drinks every year. Coca-Cola was pleased by its success after they initially used cocaine in their recipes and were pleasantly surprised when their customers were hooked to their product. Since sugar is more addicting, switching to sugar was not a big loss for Coca-Cola.

A study by UCLA shows that diet high in fructose can also make you more dumb. It can sabotage your learning as well as your memory. So how are companies like Coca-Cola allowed to pour these exorbitant amounts of it in each one of their drinks? Watch the journalist on BBC Newsnight show the Coca-Cola president just how much is in their drink.

You Have a Choice

Drinks high in sugar are not going away any time soon. It’s up to you to speak out to ban drinks with ridiculous amounts of sugars. Kids are targeted by corporations like these at a very early age and their plan has been working for over 100 years. But more importantly, every time you step into a store or take a sip of something in front of your kids, you have a choice. Don’t support these products and companies and they won’t exist.

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