fish low in mercury 810x540
fish low in mercury 810x540

Mercury in Seafood: Which Seafood is Safe to Eat?

For fish and seafood lovers, mercury is a big concern when it comes to healthy eating. For those who haven’t heard, (methyl)mercury (the most toxic form of mercury) has been found in fish and other seafood. It all starts when phytoplankton absorbs mercury from the water and then it travels up to food chain all the way to the food we eat.  The infographic below shows how Scientific American ranks the severity of the contamination among the different fish populations.

These fish not mentioned in the infographic although on the lower end of contamination spectrum, are also a concern: yellowfin tuna, albacore, tilefish, halibut, snapper, wahoo, grouper, spotter seatrout, spanish mackerel, lingrod, blue crab, chilean sea bass, orange roughy, blackfin, sable fish. Choose these over the two top categories in the infographic. However,  the best choices are listed on the bottom.

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