MUST SEE: Hand-Made Amusement Park Hidden in the Italian Forest

Inside the lush forest in north Italy lies an amusement park that is as old as some of the trees themselves. It all started out as a hobby to help promote one man’s business and over 40 years evolved into an unforgettable landmark filed with extraordinary hand-made rides.

Photo by Oriol Ferrer Mesia.

50 unique rides that took 40 years to make now stand in the Nervesa della Battaglia forest. They require no electricity and were made using principles that would amaze any roller coaster engineer. They were all hand-built by one man, with no proper education building such rides. Bruno Ferrin began with an idea to build a swing for kids in his tavern, to attract more customers to his business. Over the years, he self-taught to build complicated wings, slides, roller coasters, trampolines and even something he calls the game of death.

Photo by Oriol Ferrer Mesia.
Photo by Oriol Ferrer Mesia.

Today, the park boasts 50 ecological rides rides that only work with a little help from the people using them. The park is completely emission-free and encourages exercise as all rides are manual without the use of motors. Bruno says “If you want to play, you have to push and sweat, otherwise the ride won’t move”. He says his designs were inspired by movements of nature. The rides are a great way for parents and kids to connect because the parents have to show them how to play and use these attractions.

Photo by Oriol Ferrer Mesia.

Learn more about the park with a video by Great Big Story:

The amusement park is located in Northern Italy, in the municipality of Nervesa della Battaglia. It is completely free to visitors during the opening hours of his tavern – Ai Pioppi. Will you visit?

Address: Via VIII Armata, 76 Nervesa della battaglia, 31040 Italy