Organic Black Bean Spaghetti Review

For those of you who are living a gluten-free lifestyle and used to love spaghetti, I have great news! I have found excellent quality spaghetti that tastes amazing and is actually healthy.

Organic Black Bean Spaghetti by Explore Authentic Asian Cuisine Review

black bean spaghetti

I was brushing past the Gluten-Free isle when I noticed the black bean spaghetti. The product caught my eye because of the unusual color. As I examined it further, I noticed it was in fact black bean spaghetti! I threw it in the cart, brought it home and made myself the first black bean spaghetti meal. As it came out of the pot, the color was most unusual for my eyes. But in a good way! Then, I gave it a taste, and yum-mmmmy! Delicious. It’s like a totally new spin on pasta products, but the similar taste of spaghetti that we all love.

The Spaghetti is certified:





And my most favorite part is the ingredients list:

Organic Black Beans (92%) and Water (8%).

Awesome! That’s what we love to see. Nice short ingredients list that we can obviously understand and know that it’s healthy for us. An added benefit of black beans is that it has a boatload of protein! This particular spaghetti has 45g of protein per 100g. So if you’re into fitness or just want to get your daily dose of protein, this is a great way. They are also rich in fiber and iron. Not to mention that the spaghetti tastes amazing. Whether you eat gluten-free or not, I suggest you give it a go. It’s certainly a nice spin from the typical spaghetti. Your guests will definitely intrigued by the unique color and taste.

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black bean spaghetti review

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You can buy it online for $5 a pack, or $8 for two. Also available at your local grocery store. If you’ve had it before, let us know below of what you think! If you have any other awesome products that you want to submit reviews of, just hit the share something button on the top right of the page.