Organic Gluten Free Protein Salmon Teff Wrap Recipe

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This recipe is submitted by Alicia. She cooks everything as long as it’s organic, natural and healthy! Featured here: a gluten free salmon wrap. The wrap is made with organic teff flour. This super grain substitute comes from Ethiopia and it’s completely gluten free, high in dietary fiber, protein, iron and calcium.

Organic Gluten Free Protein Salmon Teff Wrap 

Organic Gluten Free Protein Salmon Teff Wrap

– 30gr organic teff flour (check your organic store)
– 2 organic eggs
– 1t paprika powder
– 1t cayenne pepper
– Spash of water
– 100gr smoked salmon

How to:
Make the teff wrap batter: mix two eggs with the teff flour and spices, then add water until it has yoghurt-thick consistency. Cover a frying pan with your smoked salmon tranches and pour over the batter evenly. Put a lid on your pan and let simmer on medium heat for 8 minutes. When you lift the lid again, you’ll find out that the wrap has become thick. If all moist is gone, your wrap is ready and the salmon will be lightly crunchy. Yum!

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