No Bake Summer Watermelon Cake
No Bake Summer Watermelon Cake

Organic No-Bake Summer Watermelon Cake

For most, summer is just around the corner and hot weather calls for watermelon (and lots of it). Watermelon is 92% water and 100% deliciousness. But what can we do with it besides cut it up and serve it as a healthy snack? It’s not like we can make a cake out of it or something. The Wright brothers brought us the miracle of flying and we are bringing you the miracle of watermelon cake. It requires no baking, very minimal effort and is organic, gluten-free, vegan, processed sugar-free and just otherwise very healthy. All you need is a (mini) watermelon, homemade whipped cream, slivered almonds and berries.

1. Slice The Watermelon

Take your mini watermelon and slice off the top, bottom and set it down on the flat bottom you created. Now slice off the sides. You can dry the top and sides off with a paper towel and set it on the place for the next steps.

Cut-Off-Watermelon-Rind2. Make The Dairy-Free Coconut Whipped Cream

If you are using store-bought whipped cream, then proceed to the next step. Just know that most of the store-bought whipped cream is not healthy and contains a long list of ingredients. If you’d like to make your own healthy dairy-free whipped cream, follow these steps. Here’s all you need:


  1. Shake up the canned coconut milk and then place it in the refrigerator for 8 hours to chill.
  2. After 8 hours, remove and shake again.
  3. Pour your coconut milk into the cream whipper.
  4. Add the Stevia drops.
  5. Cover and shake again.
  6. Charge the cream whipper.
  7. Voila, it’s ready to dispense.

3. Top With Whipped Cream

Add a whole batch of whipped cream on top of the watermelon.

Step 2 watermelon cake

4. Spread The Whipped Cream

Work your way from the top down and spread the whipped cream carefully and evenly down to the sides until the whole thing is covered.

Step 3 watermelon cake

5. Perfect Your Work

Use a spatula to work around the watermelon to make sure everything is evenly spread. It should look just like a cake!

Step 4 watermelon cake

6. Add a Coat of Almonds

Here’s our favorite part. Take toasted and thin sliced almonds (make sure they are cool, if you toasted them yourself), and coat the side of the cake. Keep working until the sides of the watermelon are fully covered.

Step 5 watermelon cake

7. Add More Deliciousness

Take a handful of your favorite berries and garnish the top of the cake. This is a time for you to personalize your watermelon cake.

Step 6 watermelon cake

8. Serve and Surprise

The cake will taste the best if it is served immediately, but you can also cover it with foil and refrigerate for a couple of hours. It can be stored up to a day. Let your guests be surprised when they slice the cake open and reveal the watermelon. The smooth taste of your homemade whipped cream, combined with fresh fruit and toasted almonds will please anyone’s taste buds.

Step 8 watermelon cakePhotography/Recipe Adaptation From: PopSugar