Organicville Organic Ketchup Review

While I recently discovered a lot more dressings and sauces to put on food, ketchup has been always one of my favorites. I was satisfied with the generic ketchup brands for most my life. That is, until I started eating healthier. I didn’t like that the ingredients were not organic and the added sugar. I was browsing through the isles at the supermarket and I came across Organicville Organic Ketchup. Saw the ingredients, loved them and I thought I’d give it a try.

organicville ketchup



In my opinion, this ketchup tastes 10x better than generic ketchup brands. This may be due to the fact that it uses agave syrup, which seems to be the healthiest alternative to sugar. And I’m guessing the organic ingredients don’t hurt either. Overall, very creamy and a tad bit sweet. Just perfect for my taste buds.

Where to Buy It:

Pretty much any supermarket.

What to Use it With:

Well, when it comes to ketchup, some people put it on EVERYTHING. I like to put them on my breakfast eggs pictured bellow.

Organicville Ketchup Features:

-USDA Organic


-Made with Agave Nectar


Ladies and gentlemen, this one is a must have! I highly recommend it.

yummy eggsdelicious eggs with ketchup

Bonus: My quick and delicious organic egg recipe.

-2 Organic Eggs

-Organic No-Salt Seasoning from Costco

-Sliced Organic Mushrooms

-Organicville Organic Ketchup

Fry the eggs and mushrooms (not for too long), add some seasoning when it’s nearly done, serve with ketchup and mushrooms on top.