pros cons of gmos
pros cons of gmos

Pros and Cons of GMOs

The Debate over GMO’s

This detailed infographic shows a breakdown of several arguments, both in favor and against GMO, otherwise known as Genetically Modified Food. It is a clear breakdown of several subjects involved with the GMO agenda, as well as the pros and cons associated with each topic. How much the government has spent on the international issue is revealed, as well as information on how many pesticides are used. The pesticide use becomes relevant later in the graphic, showing that modified food have been known to carry pesticides to anyone who consumes the food.

A debate circulating throughout the topic is the use of herbicides, whether or not the use should happen more or less often. The graphic reveals several statistics on use, as well as predicted outcomes for future dates. The fact- bearing graphic will show that GM crops produced recently show traces of herbicides, meaning more exposure to chemicals for consumers. This could lead to pesticide exposure in certain cases, causing illness.

Another debated topic is the health associated with GM foods, whether or not the foods show negative effects on the body. The graphic reveals a situation, in which consumers have in fact reported health deterioration. However, shown is that there has been little conclusive analysis of the situation reported. Concerns for health remain, and the food is required to have labels in part due to GM foods.

Whatever side of the fence speaks true to a person questioning the issue, the graphic reveals more than enough information to make a sound decision regarding the issue. The good, bad, and ugly information are true to its title, informing and enlightening people on the pressing issue of GM foods. The information reveals that GM foods meet the same FDA requirements as all other foods meet, which might cause people to relax slightly on the issue. It is up for everyone to decide where they stand on the issue after consideration of the helpful information the following infographic presents: The Good, Bad, and Ugly, of GMO’s.