Recycling 101: Where to Throw Away / Recycle Electronics

So I’ve mentioned the importance of recycling in my last post. You may have or should have started recycling by now, but every now and then some simple questions may arise. I saw my friend throwing away her broken iPhone charger straight into the garbage today. Unfortunately, electronics are not garbage. I figured people knew what to do with electronics and how to recycle them by now. But I am guessing this is not widespread or common knowledge. So here are some things you can do with your broken, old or unwanted electronics.


If your electronics are broken, the first thing you should do is see if it’s worth repairing. Sometimes it’s a quick and easy fix, which may take a few minutes and a part that costs less than a dollar. So always check if it can be repaired. No need to throw away objects that can be of use to you or others. If it’s broken beyond repairing, consider e-cycling. E-cycling is simply a term used that’s short for electronics recycling. You will need to find an e-cycling center near you. You can also use this site to find stores that offer to recycle. You can bring any unwanted electronics there. Did you know that you can bring old batteries, laptops, etc to your nearest Best Buy for it to be recycled for free? Check here for more info. You will save a ton of waste that would be buried into the ground instead.

Many of your electronics will still have working components or may be still functioning. So they can be refurbished, recycled or donated.

Have a Garage Sale

You grow tired of your old electronics, you figure nobody could ever use this thing. Yet, trust me, there’s a buyer out there that’s willing to take it off your hands. Having a garage sale is one of the greatest methods to get rid of your used electronics. Not only you can make a quick buck, but the item will find a used home, it won’t be thrown away and you’ll also save yourself gas and time transporting the items to an e-cycle center. To get rid of the items faster, just smack a $1 price tag on them or simply give it away for free. No use to holding on to something that you don’t need.

Sell it on Craigslist

Perhaps you have a lack of space in your front yard, or simply don’t feel like lugging out all the stuff in hopes that someone will pick it up. Other times, you may simply live in a location where there’s little to no cars passing by. Well, craigslist is your next best choice. Post your unwanted electronics there. Check for prices for similar or same items and post a similar price. Someone will contact you by e-mail or phone and pick it up from your house! I found that the quickest way to get rid of unwanted stuff is to post it in the “Free” section. Everyone loves free stuff. I posted my 10-year-old radio and it was picked up the same hour.

Donate it

Perhaps one of the best solutions is simply to donate it. Did you know that on average, people dispose of their cell phones after only 24 months of use? And laptops after 3 years? There are a ton of kids and adults alike that could benefit from your old electronics. Find a good place to donate it to near you. Consider these charities as well as your local schools, churches, etc.

You can also donate it through eBay by choosing to donate 100% (or less) of your profit to a chosen charity. You will have to ship the item out of course, but you’ll know it will have a new home and that the proceeds will go to a good cause. This is usually the best way since it gets the most views and exposure.

So there you have it. Whether you have a non-working cable, an old radio or just about any other electronic, don’t throw it in the garbage, and use these methods instead. Not only you’ll be saving yourself time, making a few extra dollars, helping someone out but making our planet greener as well.Please share this information, as I really don’t think that a lot of people know what to do with broken electronics and where to recycle them. By sharing the info, you are essentially increasing your good deed exponentially.

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