sugar stacks visualized how much sugar in food drinks 3
sugar stacks visualized how much sugar in food drinks 3

Someone Photographed How Much Sugar We Eat and It’s Horrifying

Sugar is in almost everything we eat. Well, pretty much everything processed that is. The rule is, if it comes in a box or package, it probably contains sugar. Sugar also contributes to a wide array of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, obesity and more.  Yet sometimes, it’s simply too “sweet” to pass up.

Why Do We Crave Sugar?

Richard Johnson, a University of Colorado professor says that our cravings for sugar may have evolutionary reasons. See, back in the day, getting food was not as easy as going through a drive-through. The qualities of sugar, after it’s broken down to simpler elements, seem to activate processes that make us want to keep our fat. Doesn’t sound too great now, but when you have to risk your life and potentially return empty handed (or not at all) for your only meal, it’s certainly an advantage. He says that this turned into a mutation, which caused even the slightest amounts to turn into fat storages. It was for our own survival. It also made them feel good, as it does now, and gave them an energy boost. Increasing chances of survival and reproduction.

The Problem with Sugar

While our cravings were in balance thousands of years ago because finding sweets was not an easy task, today that’s not the case. Go into a store, pick up any item, and most likely it will have sugar. The average intake of sugar in the U.S. is 22 tablespoons which is four times the amount recommended by the World Health Organization. With the variety of health issues that it causes, this is a huge problem. Not to mention the fact that we are all addicts. And it is certainly not hard to become one, just take a look at how much sugar, every day items have. A website, called Sugar Stacks helps visualize the amounts in sugar cubes and it is pure horror.

Here’s How Much Sugar You Eat

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Which one of these are you guilty of consuming daily? We’ll give a pass to anyone with a fruit addiction, as their benefits may outweigh their sugar content in a proper diet.