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At Organics, we believe in creating content that helps you be happier, healthier, and more productive. We strive to make content that improves your life or lets you learn about something. This post is none of the above. This is a list of the weirdest websites on the internet.

Well, I guess, it can make you a little happier. We realize that life is not always about being productive, growing, or building something. Sometimes, it’s okay just to take a break and dive into the internet rabbit hole. And sometimes, we just need a distraction. Maybe it’s for a fun date, maybe it’s to distract you from something horrible, or just simply to fill your boredom while you’re in quarantine. In fact, I’m using this to take a break from my normal writing.

With no further ado, these are websites that should not be on the Internet. Or maybe they’re exactly what the internet is for. We don’t know. You be the judge. Either way, they are weird.

Just a heads up, you’ll need your flash player up to date for a lot of these. Many of these sites have been up for more than a decade.

Most Interesting Websites

A collection of the most unique and interesting websites on the internet. You can easily spend the entire day interacting with these without realizing what happened.


Become a shark tracker and track sharks around the world in real-time.

100,000 Stars

Filled with deep thoughts and a graphical representation of the universe, this website tries to show how small our problems truly are.

Strobe Illusion

Stroboscopic animation. Look at the center for 30 seconds then look around you. You’ll trip without tripping.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

It’s an interactive film from the highly popular series Black Mirror. You influence how the movie progresses with your decisions.

Pixel Space Solar System

Scroll through the solar system with your mouse.

Is it Normal?

This website, as the name suggests, lets its users ask others if what they are experiencing is normal and see how others perceive the situations. Things range from simple things like if it’s normal to cringe at comedies to asking if it’s normal to love wearing diapers.

Pointer Pointer

I don’t know who came up with it, but it’s genius. Wherever your pointer stands still, the website generates a photo to point to it.

Clever Bot

Have conversations with an AI. You can with the bot for hours. If you no one likes you in real life.

My Birthday Facts

I love this website. It tells you everything from what happened on your birthday, to the price of gas, to the number one movie and song. Make sure to click more facts to get more cool stuff.

What Happened on My Birthday

It’s essentially an animated version of the one above with slightly different facts.

Letters to Lorne

A writer who made a very brief appearance on SNL in the 70s has sent Lorne Michaels (producer for SNL) a letter every day for a very long time insisting to take him on as a cast member on the show. The letters get increasingly more bizarre.

The Scale of The Universe

Find out just how small (or big) you are in this universe with this mini-game. You’ll be able to zoom in and out to compare yourself to other things like galaxies or atoms.


An interesting way to read a story.

Ooer Subreddit

Reddit is known for its weird communities and subreddits. But this one may just take the cake.

Map Crunch

This is kinda similar to “I’m feeling lucky”, but it will show you a random street view in the world. The cool thing is that you can select a country or limit the street views to “indoors”.

Koalas to the Max

As you put your mouse over a circle, it transforms into 4 circles. And then each of those smaller circles becomes another 4 circles as you put your mouse over them. It can be relaxing or drive you crazy.

Things That Fit Perfectly Into Things

Don’t worry we’re not telling you to use Tumblr. But this is a collection of random objects that randomly fit together perfectly. If you got a touch of OCD in you, this will be very satisfying.

A Soft Murmur

Customizable white noise machine. It can make your home less lonely. Or maybe even help you sleep.

Lego Videos

Those LEGO videos are really satisfying to watch.

Gravity Points

Simulate the effects of gravity by adding points on the screen with your mouse.


Mix and match YouTube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud songs together.

World’s Births and Deaths

This website simulates the births and deaths in the world – live.


There are millions of forgotten songs on Spotify. This website will show you a random unlistened to song.

Most Creepy Websites

A collection of the most creepy websites on the internet. These range from “Woah, that’s kinda creepy” to “I think I’m not going gonna be able to close my eyes tonight”. Of course, we had to keep some of the most extreme ones off the list in order not to scar you for life.


This is probably my favorite creepy website of all. Don’t worry it’s not a jump scare but still a very nightmarish website. It’s a light-sensitive website that reacts to the lighting in your room so you’ll need to use your laptop and give the website webcam access (although you can experience it on the desktop by flipping a switch as well). You are in a girl’s room, and when you turn the lights off in your house, you see her dreams.

Creepy Pasta

It’s a collection of increasingly creepy stories. Probably don’t read these before bedtime.

Creepy Girl

A weird Asian girl with bloodshot eyes follows your every move with your cursor.

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

A gloomy and somewhat strange website that tries to describe obscure emotions.

Secret Technology

A self-proclaimed digital poet has an array of very strange interactive creations.

House Creep

Find homes with various shady criminal pasts.


Displays reported crimes in any area. I didn’t realize how many people get robbed and stabbed every day in my city.

Last Words

The website is as creepy as the name sounds. It contains cockpit voice recordings, transcripts, and airplane control tapes recorded moments before planes crashed. MP3 audio of people panicking in their last moments is some very heavy stuff.

Dong Ghost

Interactive Korean comic for those that like jump scares.

Scary Maze Game

One of the best games if you want to get a heart attack. Use your mouse to navigate the maze.

The Simulation Argument

You may have heard Elon Musk and other famous people about how we could all be living in a simulation. Here are the arguments for it.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge

This website tracks how many people commit suicide from the Sunshine Skyway Bridge each year. It does mention the number of people saved and tried to dissuade people from doing it, but a creepy website none the less.

Death Row

Shows the last words from death row inmates in Texas.

Most Weird Websites

A collection of the weirdest websites on the internet that you’d definitely

Neave TV – Television Without Context

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Weird or Confusing

If you’ve dreamed of someone pitching you the weirdest stuff to buy, then boy will you hit the jackpot with this. Just click and you’ll be redirected to a random weird or confusing item for sale. I almost bought some unicorn meat.

No Homophobes

This website tracks homophobic language in tweets. Its goal is to show the prevalence of casual homophobia within society. You can compare trends and see how various phrases have decreased or increased over time.

Awkward Family Photos

It is what it is. A lot of awkward family photos. Don’t be surprised if you find yours there.

Future News

It’s not your regular news website. It’s news from the future.

Actually Useful Websites

These websites are neither weird nor creepy, they’re actually kind of genius. But for some reason, you probably haven’t heard of them.

Eat This Much

Create personalized meals based on the number of calories that you want to eat. Each meal shows the exact recipe, ingredients, and number of calories.


A similar website to the one above. It gives you recipes based on the ingredients in your home.

Taste Dive

Type a movie, song, book, game and it will show you something similar. Wildly accurate tool.

What The Font

If you are a font whore/designer, this will come in handy. Drop an image and the website will identify the font.

Your Metric Birthday

Did you ever want to know when you turned 1000 days old? Or 10,000?


Discover your ambition by rating 10 words.

Hemingway Editor

Are you into writing? The Hemingway Editor will help you improve your writing and will provide you with a distraction-free environment.

Flight Radar

Track all the flights around the world, live. It’s addicting to look at flights flying over you right now.

Rainy Mood

Instantly set a romantic or relaxing rainy mood anywhere you are at a click of a button.

Google Earth

It’s Google Earth. You’ve heard of it. But have you ever actually used it? Give it a twirl. Travel back to your old childhood home or use the “I’m feeling lucky” and it will transport you to a random destination.

A Good Movie to Watch

If you are indecisive like me, you’ll find a lot of good recommendations for movies that you may not have heard of.

Brain Pickings

Love science? Brain Pickings blog has some super interesting posts on just about every topic.

Entertaining Websites

These are the most entertaining websites on the internet. Anything from silly games to amazing interactive art – it’s all here.

Just a Reflektor

If you love Indie music, love weird stuff, this one’s for you. It’s an interactive music video that makes you part of the musical journey. You’ll need Google Chrome and your laptop.

Amazon Dating

It’s Amazon but for dating?

Quick Draw

Put your doodling skills to the test and see if you have what it takes to draw an item under 20 seconds so the artificial intelligence can guess what it is.

Much Better Than This

A somewhat satisfying moving animation of two people kissing.

Hacker Typer

If you watched any movie or TV show, you’ve seen hackers type away cryptic commands in green text. Well now, you can too.

Find the Invisible Cow

Put on headphones and use sound to locate the invisible cow.

LOL My Thesis

Years of hard work condensed down to a single sentence.

Do Not Go On

Everyone makes mistakes, just don’t click again and go back peacefully.

The Endless Horse

Scroll down and you’ll find out why it’s called the endless horse.

Weave Silk

Make awesome geometric shape art with your mouse in real-time.


This beautiful art never stops zooming. Trust me.

Passive Aggressive Passwords

Just imagine your parents overseeing you change your password.

Larry Carlson’s Trippy Video

Just a collection of very acid-like videos. You may be too sober for this.

TOKiMONSTA Music Video

It’s an interactive video for the song “Clean State” by the Los Angeles based artist TOKiMONSTA. You can pull little monster from the sky into the video.

Honest Slogans

Just brands and their slogans. If they were honest.

Awkward Stock Photos

If you ever needed a stock photo for a business and did a search, you probably found some weird photos. This website is like the hall of fame of awkward stock photos.

This is Sand

Create beautiful landscapes from the sand. You can select different colors and layer your sandscapes to perfection.

Not The Same Music Video

Another interactive music video for a song called “Not the Same” by Tanlines. It makes you into a Photoshop artist allowing you to manipulate the audio, move ban

The Revolving Internet

Did you ever want the internet spinning non-stop? No? Well, we have it anyway. It’s a fully usable internet, but it spins.

Falling Falling

I don’t know what the heck is going on but things seem to be falling. They are in different colors. It’s kind of addicting. Also, I am afraid that it will hypnotize me and steal my wallet.

Inherently Funny

Funny, bite-sized jokes that will make you laugh. On the inside.


Please only press this button in the direst of situations. Darth Vader will unleash a Noooo as you’ve never heard before.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Now I don’t know about you, but even sitting in this quarantine for several months, I just have people who are really pissing me off. I’m sure you can think of a few people yourself. Well, this website specializes in glitter. Probably the worst thing in the world to receive in the mail.

Ling’s Cars

A completely wacky way to search for vehicles to buy in the UK. I would tell you more but I go a seizure while scrolling.

They Fight Crime

He’s a ____, she’s a _____. They fight crime!

The Oatmeal

Awesome collection of funny comics made by one guy.

Most Useless Websites

These websites will make you question your life and undoubtedly make you wonder why anyone in their right mind would create this. But you’ll be kinda glad that they did.


It’s a beautifully orchestrated GIF that you can’t look away from. But look too long and you may enter the twilight zone.

Electric Boogie Woogie

If you’re into art, or just enjoy weird moving shapes, this is just an animated version of Piet Mondrian’s “Broadway Boogie Woogie”. I weirdly can’t look away.

Patience is a Virtue

Just like the domain name says, patience is a virtue. It’s a loading screen that never stops loading. Or does it? Do you have the patience to find out? Seriously. I need someone to tell me if there’s anything at the end of that loading screen.

Has The Large Hadron Collider Destroyed the World Yet?

Well, has it?


It’s a potato.


It’s a website with a black background and green code-like text. Does it mean anything? We don’t know.

Lacquer Lacquer

Paint some nails. You can paint a different one after each time.

Eel Slap

If you wanted to slap someone with an eel, now you can. On an interactive gif.

Essay Typer

It may look like your average online text tool. But wait till you plug in a topic, type anything, and watch an essay written before your eyes.

OMG Laser Guns Pew Pew Pew

This website contains squirrels with laser guns and a whole lot of “pew pew pew”.

Happy Happy Hardcore

It’s raining emotions.

Corn Dog Corn Dog

It’s two corn dogs.

Can’t Not Tweet This

There’s nothing else you can do.

Bury Me With My Money

Some people just want to take their money to the grave.

Is My Computer On?

Find out if your computer is on.


There are flying corndogs. Why would someone build this? I need to know.

Staggering Beauty (SEIZURE WARNING)

Honestly, don’t even open it. The amount of flashing lights is just absurd.


It’s a story about a man and his love for his sunglasses. Or something like that.

Corgi Orgy

There are a lot of corgis. A LOT. I have warned you. Oh, and if you click them, you can make your own gif party.


If you love dogs, this may just be your favorite website. It’s a pug that never stops licking your screen.

Random Color

Open the website and it loads a random color.

Heyy Hoo

The website redirects you between two domains and it’s somewhat entertaining I must say.

Bees Bees Bees

Send this to someone who hates bees and they’ll hate you too.

This is My Website Now

A collection of useless tools or games.

Most Useless Websites but With Music

These are still absolutely useless websites but they have music. So I think… That’s better?


This upbeat llama(?) will make your day.

Leek Spin

Not sure. But I can’t stop listening or watching.

La la la la la

Once you listen to it, it’ll be with you forever.

Nyan Cat

It’s the rainbow cat that never stops running.


There are lots of dogs, rainbows, and 8-bit music.

Every day I’m

If you like a reminder that you are the boss, this is the site for you.


One word – hippo. This has left me in tears.