The Ultimate Mango Scrub

shea sugar body scrub by tree hut

Hi, My name is Briana and I work at a nearby Harmon Face Value located in New Jersey. Recently as I was unloading our weekly truck with one of my coworkers, she shared with me one of our products that she recently purchased raving about it with such enthusiasm. “My skin has never felt this soft since I was born!” she said as she revealed a part of her stomach showing me the results. So I figured, what have I got to loose? I might as well try it especially being priced at an affordable 5.99. Sure enough, boy was she right and the results were true to the T!

This organic product is called ‘Shea Sugar Body Scrub’ by Tree Hut and it comes in a few different scents. I decided to go with the Tropical Mango which is what she had purchased as well and I was far from disappointed. This exfoliant sure enough delivered more than pleasing results and it’s even fun applying too! It comes in a small tub and you simply scoop out the desired amount depending on the area you’re applying it to and rub it all over your body in circular motions. As you continue lathering it on, you will eventually feel the mud like sandy substance diminish to an almost slick coating (you must keep rubbing it thoroughly until you can no longer feel the sand particles), but that diminishes as you gradually rinse it off. Once you come out of the shower to dry yourself, you will find that your skin is left with, like my coworker said, a baby soft sealant silk to the touch. I have never been more pleased with an exfoliating body scrub and could not be happier with the results, they were just what I desired.

The only con I really have for this product is that the wonderful mango scent becomes faint to nothing after showering, but that’s not so terrible as it has so many other positive outcomes. Overall, I highly recommend this product even to at least try if nothing else. As for customers I’ve interacted with from our store who have used this particular product as well, not one of them so far has had a negative word about it. However, each customer has a particular scent over another that they prefer.

So the next time you’re shopping at your local convenience store and have an extra 5.99 to spare, try picking up this product and I guarantee you will be more than pleased with the results as well.