fresh produce vending machine
fresh produce vending machine

These Vending Machines Serve Fresh Veggies Instead of Junk Food

From your works’s office to children’s cafeterias, it seems like everyone has a vending machine. I often glance at the vending machine contents, only to find nothing but junk food piled in (and the occasional $3 bottle of water). Junk food companies like Kraft, Pepsico and Coca-Cola have long exploited our laziness and the convenience of a vending machine. However, finally, we may have more options available.


Recently, this photo vent viral on the internet of a vending machine that took everyone by surprise. Instead of junk food, this baby is filled with fresh veggies that are refrigerated. This machine appears to be located at a mall in Dundee, Scotland. The goods are being sold by a nearby farm called Grewar Farm. The machine made its first appearance in 2014. Depending on what veggies are in season, they sell onions, carrots, broccoli, eggs, potatoes, and cauliflower.  They also offer salads.

The vending machine operates in a typical way, where money is inserted and the machine then pops out whatever you ordered. Prices are quiete reasonable, which a cauliflower head costing 90 cents and the veggie box about $5.50.

The farm operates machines in a gym, hotel, mall and their own farm. Their goal is to make fresh produce more accessible and convenient. You can see how the machine operates here:

But Grewar Farms isn’t the only operator of healthy vending machines. Another company called Farmer’s Fridge, operates vending machines that offer fresh salads.


They’re scattered all over Chicago. According to their site, salads are produced fresh each morning and the unsold salads are donated to the local food pantry. Most of their packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. Here’s the Farmer’s Fridge being put to work:

But fresh produce is not the only thing being sold in vending machines. You can also get locally sourced and sustainably raised meats!


This machine by Applestone Meat Company, let’s you get fresh meats on the go. These are located in Accord, NY. According to their website, they offer Brooklyn sausage meatballs, bratwurst meatballs, merguez sausages, burger patties and hot dogs.

These companies are revolutionizing the way we think about the vending machines and how we use them. Would you want something like this at your school, job or mall?