sex to burn calories 810x4561
sex to burn calories 810x4561

This Is How Much Sex You Would Need To Burn Off Your Favorite Foods

We are aware that today’s food has more calories than ever. After all, according to the National Institute of Diabetes, more than two thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese. And that’s a number that exists not just because we don’t exercise enough, but mainly because America’s favorite foods are packed with a ton of calories and fat. But it’s pretty hard to visualize how long it would take to burn these calories off.

So folks at The Chive calculated how long it would take you to burn the calories from your favorite foods through sit-ups, running, push-ups and even sex. And you’d better have some great endurance for at least one of those if you are eating some of these foods, because these numbers will give even the Army’s workouts a run for their money. Keep in mind that it is difficult to calculate these numbers as they depend on factors like weight, height, age, intensity but overall, but they should still give you a clear perspective of what these calories actually mean.

1. Toaster Strudel

how-long-to-burn-foods-toaster-strudel2. Chocolate Shakehow-long-to-burn-foods-chocolate-shake

3. Pizza Rollshow-long-to-burn-foods-pizza-rolls

4. McDouble from McDonald’show-long-to-burn-foods-hamburger

5. Liter of Coca-Colahow-long-to-burn-foods-liter-of-coke

6. Coca-Cola how-long-to-burn-foods-coca-cola

7. A Single Donuthow-long-to-burn-foods-donut

8. 12 Chicken Wingshow-long-to-burn-foods-wings

9. S’mores Frappuccino from Starbuckshow-long-to-burn-foods-smores-frappucino

10. 8″ Cheesesteakhow-long-to-burn-foods-cheesesteak

11. Cinnabonhow-long-to-burn-foods-cinnabon

12. One Beerhow-long-to-burn-foods-beer

13. Bagel With Cream Cheese how-long-to-burn-foods-bagel-cheese

14. Slice of Baconhow-long-to-burn-foods-bacon

15. Slice of Pizzahow-long-to-burn-foods-pizza-slice16.Tic-Tachow-long-to-burn-foods-tic-tac

Which of these do you eat daily? What would your workout look like if you actually tried to burn all those calories?

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