Scientists completed the world's largest gene sequencing project in healthcare to understand the diseases more efficiently and do faster diagnosis
Study says that climate change has boosted the chances of having summer heatwaves in the UK
A cafe staffed by robot waiters controlled remotely by paralysed people in Japan
Study finds that loyal customers of utility providers are being ripped off to the tune of £4bn a year
UK’s toxic air and cold weather will leave a huge number of children extremely vulnerable, medics say
Better drugs, vaccination and genomics will help to spare patients surgery, say experts
Experts are predicting that the emerging 5G wireless technology will revolutionize the world's economy.
Researchers said that the devastation caused by powerful storms is a growing threat to both poor and rich nations
A U.N.-backed project is urging countries and companies to pool data to create a map of the entire ocean floor by 2030
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a regulation for coal plants to allow new plants a lower standard on carbon emissions
Consumers concerned about their carbon footprint will soon be able to drink beer as Kelloggs releases a beer made from leftover cornflakes
Scientists at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles are developing a way to identify specific types of breast cancer
Gorillas at a zoo in England have demonstrated a distinctly human trait while solving a puzzle
Scientists say global emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide have experienced largest jump in seven years
Facebook documents released by a U.K. parliamentary committee claimed that this social media has been using its user data as a competitive weapon
Federal report says Americans are consuming less coal in 2018

Federal report says Americans are consuming less coal in 2018 (

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According to a new study, animals like rats and pigeons are taking over from less common ones, which can survive only in certain habitats
China has cracked down on a supply network of unlicensed and counterfeit beauty products
A healthy baby girl has been born using the first time womb transplanted from a dead body
Facebook has banned the selling of administration rights for community groups
Child gadget-maker VTech's website is promoting a security fix for its flagship tablet
A new robot which is attached to your body is designed to help with collaborative working
Scientists warned that some of the world's most unusual sharks and rays are on threats due to commercial fishing
The naturalist Sir David Attenborough warned that climate change is humanity's greatest threat in thousands of years
India has increased the share of renewable energy generation and reduced the amount of carbon dioxide pollution before schedule
A 8 year old boy is now cancer free after battling at rare form of brain cancer at a Tennessee hospital
A 9,000-year-old stone mask has been found in the West Bank of Australia
Scientists has explored Bullock Creek fossil site for first time in 16 years which is situated in the remote Tanami Desert at south-west of Darwin
UN report has warned that Australia is not on track to meet their unconditional Paris carbon emissions reduction targets by 2030
Although surfing is not a formally recognised model of therapy, it can play an important role on mental health treatment
Walking is not only good for physical and mental health but also it's also good for the economy
The city of Bath is going to take action to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels
Record numbers of volunteers turned out to help clear litter from the UK’s beaches this year
Experts say, urgent planting of wildflowers will attract pollinators and boost farmers’ food crops
A new Lancet report reveals that climate change causes more disease and deaths for Canadians
The World Health Organization data shows the worldwide resurgence of measles
The UN's global health body warns the Ebola outbreak is now the second-biggest ever recorded
The world is in the midst of an extinction crisis where plants and animals are being lost at a rate not seen
Thousands of Australian school students have urged greater action on climate change
A Provo woman save an 85-year-old man’s life while she was delivering food to him