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Daniel Bissonnette 810x4561

Watch How a 9 Year Old Boy Inspires His Friends to Eat Healthier

We mentioned how this new generation of kids is not one of bystanders and here’s your proof. Meet Daniel Bissonnette. He is a 9 year old healthy food activist. Daniel spoke at the March Against Monsanto in Vancouver in front of thousands of people and his video generated over 50,000 views already. In his video, Daniel explains how he gets his friends to ditch GMO products and choose something healthy instead.

Daniel inspires change to one classmate at a time. He tells us how his friend, Jake, offered him some chips and Daniel asked him if he read the ingredients. Shocked by what his friend was eating, he explained to him what GMOs are. He uses a clever analogy of GMOs being like ripping pages out of one book and then stuffing it in another. He says “it makes no sense and changes the whole story line”.

Corporations like Monsanto and the junk food companies are currently spending billions of dollars to target kids like Daniel and even younger. They try to fool them with playful packaging, cartoons, relatable mascots and characters. Companies like McDonalds are not making their ingredients any higher quality, but they are fooling the new generations into thinking its healthier by switching their designs. If adults fall for it, what makes us think our kids won’t? This is why educating your kids to make the right choices for themselves is so important. It’s incredible to see someone like Daniel who is not only well educated about eating healthy but that he’s willing to teach others as well.

Check out Daniel’s March Against Monsanto Speech, which is quite inspirational as well.

We desperately need voices like Daniel to teach this new generation about what healthy food is. They are born in a generation filled with chemicals, artificial flavors, pesticides, processed foods and GMOs. But to think that he can only help the kids is very naive. Kids and adults alike in America, still don’t know what GMOs are or how to eat healthy. They are easily bored by complex explanations and need the enthusiasm, creativity and clarity than Daniel possesses. Let’s support Daniel Bissonnette in his quest to get his fellow kids to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. Subscribe to his pages and leave him some words of encouragement! He may be the next voice of your kids’ generation.

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