most popular christmas dishes by state
most popular christmas dishes by state

What’s The Most Popular Christmas Dish in Your State?

It’s Christmas time! Among the many miracles during this snowy time is being able to prepare a Christmas dinner for all the guests in time. While Christmas traditions rarely differ from state to state, how we stuff ourselves can vary wildly depending on where you live.

In the spirit of white Christmas, we determined the most searched terms for food and recipes, during the months of November, December and January. Using the data based on locations, we could determine what the most popular holiday dishes in each state were. Would warmer states eat different than those with colder climates? Does east coast differ from west? All these questions and more were answered.





‘Prime Rib’ dominated the entrees category by the number of states that had this search term trending. Biggest lovers of prime rib during the holidays seemed to be South Dakota, Oregon, Wyoming, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa and Montana.

Unsurprisingly, “Turkey” wasn’t far behind in recipe searches. “Turkey” was the #1 food-related search term in Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Florida during the holiday months.



What are entrees without some delicious sides? Casseroles clearly dominated the holiday tables. Green bean casseroles were in close battle with sweet potato casseroles for the most searched recipes. It’s no surprise as they are warm and comforting. 17 out of 50 states could not resist looking up casserole recipes.

“Green Bean Casserole” lead the way in Alabama, Kentucky, DC, Nebraska, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Maryland! Sweet potato casseroles were more popular in Kentucky, Georgia, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.



Seems like Christmas and Halloween was invented to boost number of visits to the dentist office! Desserts and Christmas go together like horse and carriage. New Yorkers are looking up “Gingerbread” recipes. Those living in Vermont, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Minnesota, West Virginia and Ohio love their cookies and are searching for various Christmas cookie recipes. South Carolinians keep it unique and love their pecan pies.



Some other interesting findings from this research show that for example, New Mexico really enjoys sprouts! So much so that they are looking up “Sprout” recipes. Perhaps, health is a priority there and in Massachusetts where the most searched recipe was for “Cranberry Sauce”. While there wasn’t much data for North Dakota, the trending term among searches for food was “pizza”. Perhaps there are some Christmas pizza recipes out there that combine gingerbread cookies, casserole, prime rib and cranberry sauce? Who knows.