woman organic food shopping1
woman organic food shopping1

Why Organic?

After eating “healthy” for a few years and deciding to go completely “organic” , I was presented with a land rush of questions by my friends. “You’re eating all that healthy stuff already, what’s the point of eating only organic?” Well,  the truth is, I was not eating as healthy as I thought I was.

Organic vs non-organic products

Here are the facts:

  • The vegetables that majority of the people have access to in the cities are polluted by chemicals. Not only that, a lot of them contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms).
  • The majority of the meats bought by consumers are from animals deprived of space, fed hormones/steroids and various anti-biotics. The animals are fed lowest grade quality food to save money.
  • Due to millions of products containing deceptive and hard to decipher labels, it’s nearly impossible to tell if what you are eating is really healthy.
  • Non-organic products generally contain lower quality ingredients and substitutes.

On the other hand, here’s are organic product facts:

  • Organic products labeled (USDA organic) are thoroughly monitored to meet regulations.
  • Animal welfare is a priority.
  • Organic livestock is fed 100% organic feed. They are free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics. Animals have access to pasture throughout the grazing season.
  • Organic food is toxic persistent herbicide and pesticide free.
  • Production of organic products is more efficient and environment friendly.
  • Organic products have lower levels of pollution.

Source: http://www.ams.usda.gov/AMSv1.0/getfile?dDocName=STELPRDC5082660






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Corinna Watson
Corinna Watson

In a perfect world, your description is correct. However, I have a backyard flock of laying hens that I raise organically. When I made the decision to go organic with my flock, I checked the USDA requirements for organic laying hens. The US still permits commercial “organic” egg producers to debeak their hens and as for space requirements, the hens just have to have “access to the outside” not actually get to go outside (for what good it would do them without beaks). In addition because of organic requirements, commercial “organic” hens do not receive necessary medical care when ill… Read more »